Thursday, May 22, 2008

Why do dreams sometimes fail?

My opinion on why I believe dreams sometimes fail, I believe that dreams sometimes fail because people don’t give there all of what they want to do. They feel like they can’t finish what they started and they end up giving up. If you give your all and put your heart to it you can accomplish your dream. Not all your dreams fail so you shouldn’t think negative about finishing what you started. Dreams are dreams and many get accomplished and many fail. Dreams are a part of life. Some of your dreams are not meant to be, and some are. The dreams that are accomplished are the ones that are meant for you. Dreams fail because other situations come along. George had a big dream about having his land/farm. Everything was going as planned until Lennie started to tell the plan to everyone. It all came to an end as Lennie killed Curly’s wife, Lennie ran away and George knew the dream was over so he shot Lennie to save him from the other people. Dreams are always visions of what people really want and to achieve those visions one must work hard and do what it takes to accomplish what they want.

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